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Our Mission

coastal clean up murrells inlet

Our community revitalization group has been working since 1997 with goals to improve infrastructure and beautification, provide environmental education and preserve the creek and the traditions surrounding it.

How does Murrells Inlet 2020 work for the community?

  • Facilitated over $3.3 million of county, state, federal and private foundation grant dollars for Inlet projects such as the award-winning Marshwalk, Jettyview Walk  and Bike Bridge
  • Spring Tide Clean-up, the biggest one day community clean up in South Carolina, in which 5-10 tons of trash is cleaned up out of the creek and area roadsides
  • North and South end entrance and directional signs to welcome visitors
  • Murrells Inlet 2020 Inlet to Intracoastal Multipurpose Path
  • Implementation of crosswalks in Marshwalk Business District
  • Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade
  • Christmas banner program on Business 17 street poles
  • Water Quality Monitoring Program to assure that our creek remains healthy
  • Murrells Inlet Watershed Based Plan
  • Landscaping committee to beautify our entrances and flower boxes
  • Promotion & marketing of Murrells Inlet to attract visitors to our area

The Mission of Murrells Inlet 2020 is to promote the conservation of our natural environment while fostering local community and commerce.

The Vision of Murrells Inlet 2020 is to make Murrells Inlet a great place to live, work and visit through a combination of environmental awareness, infrastructure improvements, economic development, and community involvement.


Accomplishments & Goals

  • Champion of projects to preserve public access to the marsh – Marshwalk, Bike Bridge, Morse Park Landing, Jetty View Walk.
  • Erecting user-friendly signs throughout the inlet
  • Partnering with local schools to teach our children about water quality
  • Promoting area businesses
  • Beautifying the area with litter clean-ups and landscaping projects
  • Hosting community forums
  • Running the volunteer Inlet Water Quality Monitoring Program, in partnership with CCU Watershed Academy
  • Completed major lighting & landscaping enhancements at entrance areas
  • Secured Grant funding for “Inlet Environmental Outreach”- Environmental coloring books for restaurants- Rental home teaching refrigerator magnets- Educational Enviroscape Model for community events- Initiated recycling of glass, cans & plastic on the Marshwalk, at Morse park Landing and  Wacca Wache Landing
  •  Secured funding for Morse Park beautification and educational Rain Garden
  • Installed Monofilament (fishing line) Recycling Bins at area marinas
  • Head up Spring Tide Clean Up, ridding Inlet of over 4 tons of trash each year
  • Organize the “Fall Haul” to clean-up the marsh and the river at Wacca Wache Landing in conjunction with the DNR Beach & River Sweep held mid September every year.
  • Completed an Economic Impact Study of the Murrells Inlet area.
  • Created a Murrells Inlet Watershed Based Plan.
  • Pushed for the renovation or rebuilding of the Murrells Inlet Community Center.  The building was unveiled in 2014.
  • Maintain (trash pick up, mow and trim) the Bypass 17 median through Murrells inlet.

Some of our ongoing goals include:

  • Making litter clean up a year-round activity
  • Enhancing environmental education for our residents and visitors
  • Promoting Murrells Inlet as a “must see” destination
  • Continue to work with DOT to improve safety for Business 17
  • Landscape Luther’s Garden (south end sign) and Inlet planters
  • Maintain signage throughout the Inlet
  • Host bi-annual community Chowder Talks
  • Distribute promotional brochures to encourage tourism
  • Maintain the www.murrellsinletsc.com website
  • Continue the “Litter Makes Us Crabby” & pet waste programs
  • Continue the street pole banners at Christmas time
  • Organize the Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade

Board of Directors

Scott Gibson, Chair

Angie Hackett, Vice Chair

Bernadette Delgado, Finance Chair

David Goettel

Jeff Ciuba

Linda Lane

Karen Attayek

Ashton DuBose

Margaret Murphy

Robert Salvino

Advisory Board

Fred Ducker

Calvin Watters

Stephen Williams

Whitney Hills

Gary O’Loughlin

Danny Attayek

Executive Director

Meredith Millen Harrison

Volunteer Opportunities

Murrells Inlet 2020 is always looking for volunteers. We have a variety of activities needing your support. Contact us at info@murrellsinletsc.com or call 843-357-2007 if you are interested in helping in any way. Thank you!

Donations • Remembrances



Murrells Inlet 2020 relies exclusively on donations and fundraising for its ongoing operations. Donations are tax-deductible and are always welcome. Make checks payable to “Murrells Inlet 2020” and mail to PO Box 1357, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576. All donors are recognized in the bi-annual “Village Scene” newsletter.

Memorial Plaques

These bronze plaques offer an opportunity for families, individuals, and businesses to revere the past, rekindle fond memories or remember loved ones — past or present. Plaques of recognition are being offered on the Jetty View Walk, Morse Park Landing Crab Dock, Veteran’s Pier walkway and the MarshWalk. These plaques make such gifts and a portion of the purchase price may be deducted as a charitable contribution. CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about ordering a plaque.

Economic Impact Study


of ZIP Code 29576

With grant funding from the Bunnelle Foundation, MI2020 hired Dr. Rob Salvino of the CCU BB&T Center for Economic and Community Develoopment to complete an Economic Impact Study of zip code 29576 (Murrells Inlet & Garden City).  The study addresses the traditional economic indicators, such as employment & unemployment numbers, annual retail sales, hospitality, accommodations and admission tax revenue generated, estimated visitors, demographics and real estate analytics.  Recognizing that the Murrells Inlet saltmarsh is the economic driver for our area, the MI2020 Board of Directors requested that the study also include an estimation of the economic value of the saltmarsh. The study conservatively places the economic value of the Murrells Inlet saltmarsh at $720 million. The report attributes the marsh as bolstering several sectors of the local economy including retail sales, restaurant establishments, real estate property values, boating, fishing, accommodations and other tourism activities. Click Here to view and download the report.

Strategic Plan 2016

strat-planIn the spring of 2015 Murrells Inlet 2020 surveyed the community as to what they wanted to see our organization accomplish in the future and how we could improve ourselves.  Anyone who lives, works or plays in the Inlet could take the online survey.  We had over 500 responses!  After reviewing and studying the survey results for nine months the Board of Directors and Advisory Council published a new Strategic Plan.  Many wonderful projects and programs are going to come out of this plan.  Please click here to view the plan.